Hi there,

I apologize for delay , but even now I didn't fix everything I wish to fix .

But here is my latest news and updates .

1. Offerwall section: KiwiWall (installed again)
2. PTC campaigns (description integrated and Offerwall postback fixed . BUT if you face any issues in missing credits on offerwall please send me an email at [email protected]
3. New Achievements rewards . You should check them. >> Click here and claim your rewards <<
4. Faucetpay minimum amount to withdraw set to 1000 bits
5. New rules for Contests with big rewards 
Referral Contest : 0.01750000 Btc total prizes ( need at least 50 active referrals)
Shortlinks Contest : 0.00515000 Btc total prizes (need at least 1500 completed shortlinks)
Offerwall Contest : 0.00515000 Btc total prizes (need at least 500 points)

What I have to fix ?
1. Investment game 
2. Faucetpay deposits and minimum amount to deposit will be 1000 bits

If you face any issues , bugs , problems please write in main chat or send me an email.

I hope for a better start and don't face any issues in future.
In 2-3 weeks Happy Hours will begin again.

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